Talking Call

West Quay operates a modern 40-seat Call Centre.

Primarily handling inbound calls, all of our agents are fully trained in client operations, product/service awareness, order taking, payment processing and customer service. As the first point of contact for our clients, first impressions count, so all staff fully understand that they are representing the client first-and-foremost and therefore the importance of being courteous, professional, enthusiastic and helpful, as well as demonstrating empathy, when the need arises. Skills extend to up-sell and retention, where relevant and appropriate.

Whilst Call Centre staff represent the 'frontline' of telephone customer service, procedure exists for queries that may take a little bit longer to investigate and resolve. These are handled by a separate, dedicated team who oversee all aspects of customer service, facilitate call-backs where necessary and look after the ever increasing volume of e-mail correspondence, where speed of response is crucial in order to meet even more demanding expectations.

"Live Web Chat" is also offered. Talk to us about integrating our solution in to your website.